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Read more about our amazing Data 6 course staff below! We’re all current or recent Berkeley undergraduates, so feel free to reach out with any questions about life at UC Berkeley, the data science major, or anything else Cal related!


James Weichert he/him

Hi y’all! I’m a recent Berkeley graduate from Virginia. At Cal, I majored in Computer Science and Data Science with a minor in Public Policy, and in the fall I’ll be attending Virginia Tech to pursue an MS in Computer Science. I love cooking, reading, watching soccer, and coffee. This is my second time teaching Data 6 and I am so excited to be returning to this amazing class this summer! I hope you enjoy learning data science as much as I do :)

Jonathan Ferrari he/they

Hi, my name is Jonathan, I’m a rising Senior majoring in Data Sci, Cog Sci, and Psych, with a minor in CS. When I’m not teaching or in class, you can usually find me at a cafe around campus, playing video games with friends, or out at a nearby trail hiking! I love to travel; a fun fact about me is that i’ve been to 47 states and 2/3 of the national parks! This is my first time teaching Data 6, though I have previously taught for other courses such as Data 8 and CS 61A. Feel free to reach out anytime, I’m happy to talk about anything, whether it is course related, career or academic related, or anything else! :)

Undergraduate Student Instructors (uGSIs)

Eunice Choi she/her

Hello! I’m a graduating senior from San Ramon, CA studying Data Science and Sociology. I am so excited to meet you all this summer :)

Sunya Abbasi she/her

Hi everyone! I’m a rising senior from the Bay majoring in Data Science and minoring in Demography. Looking forward to getting to know you all over the Summer!


Amanda Chen she/they

Hi! I’m a rising sophomore studying Applied Mathematics and Data Science! I took Data 6 as a SEED Scholar last summer and am stoked be back as a tutor! Feel free to ask me about anything!

Andy Zhou he/him

hii (^_^) My name is Andy and I am a rising senior majoring in Data Science from cupertino. In my free time I like watching kdramas, baking/cooking, and playing league of legends!