Enrollment ✅

Last updated January 1, 2021

For the pilot offering of Data 94, we’re specifically targeting students who:

  • Are undergraduates who be interested in data science
  • Have never programmed before
  • Do not have time conflicts with the class

In order to prevent overqualified students (i.e. students with any programming experience) from taking the course, there is an application process for enrolling.

As of now, all seats in the class are full. However, we are maintaining a small waitlist; as of writing, if you apply to take the course there’s a good chance you will be able to enroll. After you apply, you will hear back from us within 72 hours, letting you know that you’re on the waitlist or (possibly) able to enroll immediately. If eventually a seat opens up for you, you will receive a permission code from us that you can enter on CalCentral to enroll.

The class is restricted to undergraduates only. Since one of its goals is to encourage students to take courses like Data 8 afterwards, we are capping the number of seniors (defined as someone graduating anytime in 2021) in the class to 8. We especially encourage first-year and second-year students to apply.

If you fit the above criteria and are interested in the course, please fill out the application linked below. Please direct any questions to Suraj (rampure@berkeley.edu).

Apply to take the course!